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Regaining normal mobility is one of the aims of physical therapy. Some people who encountered an illness or accident suffer from impairment in physical function. Physical Therapy is then recommended by your primary Physician. Our Registered Physical Therapist provides services which include:

  • Initial and ongoing evaluations related to motor dysfunctions, muscle strength, endurance, and mobility, walking ability, range of motion, and joint disorders
  • Build strength and improve mobility
  • Reduce muscle tremors plasticity and joint stiffness
  • Use of medical equipment such as walker, canes patient, lifts, and wheelchairs
  • Use of prosthetic devices such as supportive orthotics
  • Proper body mechanics to reduce risk of injury and pain
  • Ultrasound, heat therapy, and massage to reduce pain
  • Exercise programs designed for individual’s homes
  • Safe transfer, ambulation, and performing activities of daily living