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How We Help

Every home has a specific need, as clients have individual conditions. We seek any method and treatment to provide the most relevant care to senior or sick individuals. These are the services we offer:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Medical Social Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Arrange to provide DME as needed
Who May Receive Care?

Anybody who requires skilled nursing or rehabilitative services that are intermittent or periodic is under the care of a licensed physician, podiatrist, or dentist. Also, someone who requires considerable effort to leave home can receive care from us.

What About Cost?

Based upon individual situations and services required, you may be covered by:

  • Medicare
  • Medical
  • Private Insurance
  • HMO’s
  • Third Party
  • PPO’s
  • Self-Payment
Why Choose Home Health Care
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Yes, home is home. One even relaxes at the thought of home. Recent studies support that home frees a person’s reservation. Home as a venue for respite care or skilled nursing has initiated a more welcoming gesture at treatment by the recipients. To add, these are some of the advantages of receiving home health services from Hemet Home Health Care.

  • Contribute to the health and well-being of patients at their residence
  • Help restore the patient’s health and/or maximize functions
  • Prevent costly and inappropriate admissions to hospital
  • Reduce re-admission to institutions
  • Make possible earlier discharge from hospital or nursing home

Choose your home. Wherever your loved one is at ease, let him or her be. Caring is about making your loved ones feel constantly close to you or to the environment where they can take strength from. Think like your loved one. Know us more by calling us at 951-766-9966.

We have a multi-lingual professional staff who may accommodate many languages and can help individualize your care to fit your needs.